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[Gothic BC] "Barwatch" Ruled Illegal

On July 21, 2009, B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis ruled that the amount and type of information and the length it is retained by the "Barwatch" system used in many Vancouver and Victoria nightclubs is in violation of Section 7(2) of the B.C. B.C.?s Personal Information Protection Act.

[Gothic BC] GothicBC on Twitter

Follow @GothicBC on Twitter for updates. Tweet about GothicBC with #gothicbc.

[Gothic BC] New Feature: Tag Your Friends!

I've just finished adding a new feature: now logged-in users can tag their friends in pictures in the photo gallery. Once you have added someone to your friends list just use the "tag friends" link in the caption area of the photo you want to tag.

[Gothic BC] Goth ≠ Fetish: Goth and Allied Scenes

One of the things that makes the Gothic subculture ("Goth") very difficult to define, even for insiders, is the overlap with what I will call ?allied scenes.

[Gothic BC] Rambling About Goth

So now that Decadence has come and gone and Gothic BC is now quite officially ten years old I'd like to look back a little a talk about what this site means to me and why I do it.

[Gothic BC] New Feature: Photo Tagging!

I've just completed add a new feature into the photogallery for logged-in users: the ability to tag your own photos.


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