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[Gothic BC] New Site Update for July 24, 2014

New site updates since the June 28, 2014 update

This is both a major and a minor update. Minor in the sense that there haven't been any changes to end-user functionality, but major in the sense that a lot of work went into the back-end this month.

[Gothic BC] Ophelia Overdose

Check out this cool composite Ophelia Overdose made from some of the photos I took for Gothic BC of her on stage at the Sin City 13-year Anniversary.

[ Reposted from my blog on Gothic BC #GothicBC ]

[Gothic BC] Site update for June 28, 2014

New site updates since the May 29, 2014 update.

This is an important one that you might want to read since some of your settings have changed.

  • Not that we have ever spammed, but just to be sure we are meeting the letter of the law with the new anti-spam legislation notification for tagging in the photo gallery and comment notifications have been turned off for everyone. If you want to get notification of tags you'll have to go to your user settings and turn the notifcation on. Likewise if you were following comments on any thread, you'll have to go make a new comment on that thread to resubscribe to it.

130824 Sin City, 2013
8 images
digital photograph, photograph.

[Gothic BC] Vancouver Nightlife Awards 2014

Once again I am (hopelessly) in the running for the Vancouver Nightlife Awards.  I got the e-mail that voting had opened and took a look to see who was in the running this year for the photographers and was actually surprised to see my name. No one said, "boo" to me this year about it, I don't even know who nominated me this time. Nonetheless, there I am.

So you can go vote for me if you like at


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