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[Gothic BC] Site update for April 28, 2014

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New site updates since the April 10, 2014 update....

  • Added new custom markup tag for usernames... but still need to document the custom tags.
  • Moved the NSFW toggle to the top of the menu in the public photogallery
  • Made the time and date on events much more prominent in the content views and on the entry pages
  • Made repeating events show the next upcoming event as the time and date
  • Configured the breadcrumbs in the calender section to work properly
  • Started clean-up and enhancement of user profiles ("my account")
    • Grouped data on view page and added back "recent tagged photos" section
    • Started grouping data on edit page, most importantly the public photogallery settings are in the same section now, but work on grouping other sections is not entirely complete.
  • Fixed a problem were untagged photos were still showing in the "by name" views and on the new "recent photos" section of the user profile. 
  • More back-end performance tweaks

[ Reposted from my blog on Gothic BC #GothicBC ]