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The Erin Andersen Rule

Disclaimer: this is fiction. Yes, there is some truth behind it—write what you know and all that—but it is a distortion, an exaggeration, with bits outright conjured from the aether. And it’s just a vignette that needs to find a longer story to live in.

* * *

Here is a place I found in a dream

Here is a place I found in a dream.

Here is a room beside a creek. The creek ran through forests and meadows once. Over time so many bridges crowded together over the creek that now where it flowed could only be called a tunnel. In the tunnel was hidden a door that had once been an exit. Here is behind the door and the forgotten exit is the only entrance.

[Gothic BC] ‘I haven’t worn colour since I was 14’: meet Britain’s longest-standing goths

Born in the 80s, goth is still going strong. Four devotees discuss the music and fashion and how love of the macabre draws together a warm and friendly scene

Goths are perhaps the most maligned of all subcultures. Over the decades, they have been unfairly blamed for high-school shootings, depression in teenagers and antisocial behaviour. In reality, goths are a collective of people bound by a shared love of fashion, music and art.

A Bird in the Hand?

I literally caught a wild bird in my hand this morning. That doesn't happen every day.

I sat down at my computer this morning and out the window in front of me a small bird (bushtit, I think) was zooming at the bird-net I have enclosing my balcony. Primarily it is there to keep the cats *in*, but has the bonus functions of keeping crows from stealing from my cherry tree and ensuring the cats are safe from unlikely-but-worth-worrying-about rabid bats.


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