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[Gothic BC] Spam and Old Accounts

You may have noticed an increase in posts from evil spam monkeys over the past few weeks, I sure have. The new site update I'm working on will have new and improved spam protection, but in the meantime I've hacked on some new protection that should help prevent these spam accounts from being created in the first place.

[Gothic BC] Dead Pop Stars

So, today the big news is the death coked-out pop-schmaltz diva Whitney Houston.

[Gothic BC] Hallowe'en has Come and Gone

Hallowe'en has come and gone again and I am tired. I made far less in sales this Hallowe'en than I have in previous years and have had far more "can you mail me the photos?" requests than I have in a while, so it may be time to remind everyone once again that I am not paid to operate the photo booth

[Gothic BC] Glossary for Translating Club Flyers and Posters

This is copied from the "Gothic Royalty" facebook group. I'm sure most of you can relate to this! Take it with a grain of salt. Author unknown, but I love them, whoever they are.

[Gothic BC] Gothic BC, Here Through It All

alt.gothic,, onelist, eGroups, YahooGroups, MSN, LiveJournal, friendster, Tribe, VampireFreaks, mySpace, facebook, Google+

[Gothic BC] Atratus (Michael R. Barrick) Nominated for UCC Award

Urban Culture Conference

I have been nominated in the ARTS -> Photography category.

Please go to the site, click on "ARTS" and look for me (Michael R. Barrick) in the long list of photographers. Competition is fierce in this category and I need your vote!

[Gothic BC] Changing the Picture of the Day

Last night and today I did some messing around with the "Picture of the Day." Clicking on the image link from the RSS feed now goes directly to the appropriate post in the gallery. The view of the current and previous pictures of the day now has a friendlier URL and a cleaner look.

[Gothic BC] Notification of Photo Tagging

I've just added e-mail notifications of when you are tagged in a photo.


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