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[Gothic BC] Site update for June 28, 2014

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New site updates since the May 29, 2014 update.

This is an important one that you might want to read since some of your settings have changed.

  • Not that we have ever spammed, but just to be sure we are meeting the letter of the law with the new anti-spam legislation notification for tagging in the photo gallery and comment notifications have been turned off for everyone. If you want to get notification of tags you'll have to go to your user settings and turn the notifcation on. Likewise if you were following comments on any thread, you'll have to go make a new comment on that thread to resubscribe to it. 
    Now for the aside rant... like this legislation is going to stop third-world spam farms from continuing on, business as usual...
  • Fixed a problem where the tag notifications setting and NSFW filter setting were not showing the correct values on the user profile form.
  • Fixed a problem where if a user had set there wysiwyg default for "formatted text" to be on by default, the album form was a complete mess. 
  • Fixed a problem where non-wysiwyg fields were too wide on some forms in Firefox. 
  • Added an "unlink" button to the "formatted text" wysiwyg editor. 
  • Fixed a visibility problem with ads where Paid Users and Early Adopters were still seeing ads when they should be all hidden and anonymous and regular users weren't seeing all they ads they should (maybe now my ad revenue will be more that $50 a year, but I doubt it...)

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