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I’m Ukrainian. All four of my father’s grandparents...

I’m Ukrainian. All four of my father’s grandparents came to Canada from the same village in Galicia, Ukrainian-speaking ethnic Ukrainians from an area that was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time. Things were pretty shitty in eastern Galicia and a lot of the ethnic Ukrainians emigrated to Canada between the 1880s and 1914. My dad anglicised his last last name from Worobec (Воробек) to Barrick when he was living in the US during McCarthyism (when the Ukrainian SSR was part of the Soviet Union). Nonetheless, being ethnically Ukrainian is part of my history and identity. I leave my decorations up until after Christmas on the old Julian calendar. My cats have Ukrainian names, Malenky (Маленький, “Little”) and Vidma (Відьма, “Witch”). Maybe, if you’ve known me long enough, you’ve seen me drunk enough to pull some Ukrainian dance moves. I’ve lots of thoughts and feelings about what is going on, but nothing that feels like an insight that needs to be heard, so I really have no idea what to do or say.

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From the “Tell me you work in a museum/archive/art gallery...

From the “Tell me you work in a museum/archive/art gallery without telling me you work in a museum/archive/art gallery” file:

This little f*cker will not be snug in my rugs.

And more importantly than my cheap rugs, it will not be eating my books or my clothes, or worse, hitching a ride to work.

I took this last week after it landed on my arm, at which point decided an extended long weekend to go on a somewhat psychotic cleaning spree was in order.

Perl Cookbook

Perl Cookbook
Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington, 1998, 2003
O'Reilly and Associates, US, 2nd edition August 2003

Programming Perl

Programming Perl
Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant, 1991,1996, 2000
O'Reilly & Associates, US, 3rd edition July 2000

Not For Tourists Guide to London, 2019

Not For Tourists Guide to London, 2019
Skyhorse Publishing, US, 11th edition 2018
printed in China

‘Highroads’ Dictionary, New Canadian Edition

‘Highroads’ Dictionary, New Canadian Edition
Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., (UK, FR, AU, CA)
Revised edition, 1951
ex libris signature: “Grade 7, Mike Barrick, Alexander School”
heavily marked and doodled in

Everybody’s English Pocket Dictionary

Everybody’s English Pocket Dictionary
Compiled by Dr. S. C. Johnson, M.A.
The Musson Book Co., CA, 1942
ex libris signature:
“Hilda Glyde
H.Q. R.C.A.F. Natᴸ Defence
Ottawa - Ont.
Jan. 5/43 -
A.M.A.S. D/Arm.”


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