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Here is the Ziegfeld Follies photo site I was telling you about.

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Mastophobia from the Greek μαστος (mastos), meaning breast. and φοβος (phobos) fear - fear of breasts. You might think this should be mammophobia or mammaphobia, but mamma is Latin and a correctly formed phobia name should be formed with the Greek to match the "phobia" part, although there are a lot of exceptions.


dream_king passed on an opportunity to photograph an event at the Media Club in July for Heeb Magazine. It's volunteer, but an easy gig shooting a party (gee...

A Simple Ring of Black Metal

This simple ring of black metal arrived in the post for me today. It doesn't look like much, but I am very, very pleased with it.

So what is it?

Published in Australia

One of my photographs from the Collide show at Richard's on Richards January before last has now been published in Australia. It's on page 22 of issue 10 of Fiend Magazine.

You can view the image as it appears in the magazine


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