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Photographers' Flea-Market? Hells, Yes!

I just got back from a photographers' flea market in the wilds of suburbia where people have basements and garages to fill with stuff they never use and later sell at flea markets.

The score of the day? M42-mount Tonika f5.5 300 mm lens for.... $10!! I was looking at one of these on eBay a few months ago for an order of magnitude more money.

I Could Use Some Input

I've been sporadically working on a complete redo of my portfolio site and think it is time to come up with a new artist's statement. I could use some new verbiage to get the words flowing.

How would you describe my work or my style?

Of Photoshop and Dresses

A good job in Photoshop is like a great dress. If a woman is wearing a great dress people will think, "What a beautiful woman" when she walks in the room and not even notice the dress. A mediocre dress overpowers the woman. Likewise, with good work in Photoshop, people will only notice the beauty of the image and never realize what was done to get it there.

Oringinal post:

Digital Copies - Giving Away the Negative

When I set up my photo booth in nightclubs I frequently get asked if I can simply send an electronic copy rather than selling the print. This is a problem since I'm typically not making any kind of  wage, only earning from the sale of prints.

Making One Picture from Two Exposures

Above are two exposures of my friend Isaac, a.k.a. DJ Pandemonium, doing his thing at 560 Club last month, shot by another friend and fellow photographer, Michael Dicus.

The first exposure, with no flash, the lights on the DJ decks and in the background look great, but we can't see Isaac at all. In the second one, with the flash, Isaac is well exposed, but we lose all the interesting stuff around him.

Michael was kind enough to upload these shots to my website, Gothic BC and I wanted something for the opening shot of the gallery for the night and decided an combination of these two shots would work. Enter the magic of Photoshop.

Logo Thoughts, Round 2

A second logo variation based on feedback from the previous one.


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