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Logo Thoughts

I've been toying with a logo for my photographic endeavours. Opinions welcomed.

Oringinal post:

"Face Hallucination"

For those that scoff at television crime dramas when they create high-res images from grainy surveillance video:

Seattle Gothic

Fun. I usually don't get to see what happens to my stock pictures from iStock, but as random chance would have it evilyn13 pointed out this flyer for the Merc in :-)

Oringinal post:

I Need Your Awesome Hair!

I'm looking for some volunteers for a photo shoot in the afternoon (2 - 4 pm) of Saturday, April 25th. I need a total of 7 people. I currently have two, maybe three. Here's the criteria:

A Small Victory

After a number of disappointing rejections for noise, JPEG artifacts, and model releases that didn't meet their legal standards I finally got my first acceptance notice from iStock this evening.

Behold iStock image id 8949876, "Black candlestick phone with metal dial":


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