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night club

130228 Mysteria, 2013
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digital photograph, photograph.

It's just point-and-click...

My legs are very stiff today (and I'm sure they will be worse tomorrow). Why? As I work through the photos from last night it's apparent that in about a couple hundred of them I was kneeling or crouching to get the letters in. That's a couple hundred sustained half-squats, plus a half dozen trips up and down three stories worth of stairs, plus the awkward walk home pushing all my gear. Because photography is easy. 

Best Nightclub Photographer?

So voting closed yesterday for the 2013 Vancouver Nightlife Awards. We'll see a week Monday (June 10) how I made out.

Honestly, I don't put a lot of stock in these things. Half of the selection precess is public voting and half is an industry panel, which really means it comes down to who on the panel knows about you. Since I haven't been hyping this and don't travel in the same circles, I'm not expecting much.


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