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My legs are very stiff today (and I'm sure they will be worse tomorrow). Why? As I work through the photos from last night it's apparent that in about a couple hundred of them I was kneeling or crouching to get the letters in. That's a couple hundred sustained half-squats, plus a half dozen trips up and down three stories worth of stairs, plus the awkward walk home pushing all my gear. Because photography is easy. 

And on a related note, I am really happy with the lighting. I knew I was going to be shooting against these red letters so I chose to use gold reflectors instead of my usual white and colour-balanced to 3300 °K rather than the 5500 °K you'd use for a normal flash photo to shift the reds to what you see here, and a little hotter than what would be "right" for the gold reflectors to mitigate the effect of the red back-light on the skin, and also shifting normal 5500 °K highlight I put above the corner of the "S" to a lovely silvery-blue moonlight colour.



Thanks for doing more great work at the Sin events! Sat evening was amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing how the photo's turned out!

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