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The hazards of caffeine addiction

I just spilled coffee on myself. Oops. It could have been worse, fortunately I use a travel mug and it was just a small splatter. Of course I feel like a fool, the walk back from the bathroom with the large wet spot on my shirt from washing out the coffee so it won't stain was particularly embarassing.

Damn. I am turning into an office person.

Oringinal post:

A couple of good things

Not everything sucks. I need to point that out. Here are two good things that have happened that I've neglected to mention.

5 Months, 1 Day, and 4½ Hours to go

Yup. This job sucks. How to people do this day in day out? What is really disappointing is that I was hoping that being in an environment with other human beings around would feel less isolated than working by myself out of my studio, but that has turned out not to be the case. When I get home at the end of the day my apartment feels like it has been empty all day and this is not exactly a social environment. I've got to find a way to deal with this...

New improved suckage

Actually today hasn't been so bad. They had the quarterly Internet Development Group (IDG) meeting today and that means half the day was nothing but sitting in a boardroom eating doughnuts, drinking coffee and trying not to fall asleep. It's pathetic though. I feel like that guy in "Office Space" - I'm just trying to kill eight hours every day. Two more to go right now...

Oringinal post:

Yeah, I'm thrilled.

I'm determined to feign enthusiasm for political purposes, but an hour into my fifth week here and I am bored and depressed. My grey cubicle surrounds me like an anaconda. My mind's eye is fixated on the unfinished painting on my easel and three countdown clocks are ticking in my head... 7 hours left to the day, 4 more days in the week, 5 more months in this contract.

Oringinal post:


I just don't feel like going to Sanctuary tonight. I was planning to go, I even washed my club clothes and started getting ready. Now I've changed my mind. Trish won't be there. Mike's decided not to go. I can't get drunk because of work tomorrow and the annoying fact that I have limited funds. I think I'm better off to save what little I have for when Lorra is in town next week.

This is your brain

My brain is fried. I didn't get enough sleep last night (my fault) and now I can't concentrate and everything is bugging me. I'm looking at a bunch of numbers trying to figure out why totals on some sales reports don't match and I don't give a shit about it. This is way, way too dry. My enthusiasm for this job is a low point just now. I like this city, but I'm not sure spending eight hours a day in this pen cubicle is worth it. Things are going absolutely nowhere with Ivana and I have no prospects.

Jocks stink

The guy at the desk next to me is a jock. I took an instant disliking to him. He's loud and he rambles about cycling at length, eats smelly food at his desk and today, has been farting incessantly since lunch.

His only redeeming quality is his Guinness mouse pad (I have one, too, however mine is better).

Today's comic.

Oringinal post:

Two Words...

Ugh, Monday.

It's raining today and despite the fact that I didn't go to Sanctuary last night I still had trouble getting my ass in gear this morning, probably because I was up late Saturday night.

Right now some shmoe is babbling on about picking up hardwood flooring for his condo in a SUV that he rented and how he wants to buy one now. Barf.

Here's today's comic. I've said it before, I'll day it again: there is not enough coffee in the world for Monday mornings.


Must sleep. There is work to get out of the way tomorrow so I can get on with the business of enjoying the pathetic scraps of the day that are left to me after my time in cubicle purgatory. Did I mention that I got my little magnetic sign with my name on to stick outside my cubicle today? When my co-worker handed it to me I said, "I'm a somebody now!" and she didn't get it.

I must remind myself:


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