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The Daily Colonist, August 4, 1914

News out of Victoria 100 years ago:
- No declaration of war yet as of the morning edition. A second extra edition is put out with the huge headline "BRITAIN AND GERMANY AT WAR"
- The day prior to the declaration, in my home town of Duncan, a meeting to form a militia overflows the Odd Fellows Hall and is moved to the Tzouhalem Hotel. I wonder how many of the men that signed up on that night made it back and how many have their names on the monument beside the train station, across Canada Street from where the Tzou used to be... 

The Daily Colonist, August 3, 1914

News out of Victoria 100 years ago today:
- A great big pictures of King George V and lots and lots of patriotic fluff to inspire people, but Britain still has not officially entered the war.
- Germany has invaded France, France is officially at war.
- First French "flying machine" shot down.
- Esquimalt harbour is closed to civilian vessels of all types
- Elko is threatened by forest fire

The Daily Colonist, August 2, 1914

News out of Victoria 100 years ago:
- News of "yesterday's" declaration of war against Russia by Germany has made it out to our little Imperial backwater.
- Germany invades Luxembourg
- For the first time the German emperor is referred to as "Kaiser" (on page two).
- Prime Minister Borden expects the British Empire to declare war before the day is out. The Militia Department is being kept open (Aug. 2, 1914 was a Sunday).

The Daily Colonist, August 1, 1914

The news out of Victoria 100 years ago today:
- The front page is covered with maps and speculation about the war, but hidden away on the second-to-last page is what would be a giant headline today: the New York Stock Exchange is closed to prevent panic trading due to war fears.


The Daily Colonist, July 31, 1914

News from Victoria on this day in 1914 (exactly 53 years before I was born):
- Austria has taken Belgrade
- Large pictures of Emperor William II and Emperor Nicholas II (it's interesting the German king does not get called "Kaiser Wilhelm" until after the war starts) that really should have the headline "Inbred Cousins to Decide if Millions Die."
- Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Minister, is overheard in private conversation outside Parliament saying that if war breaks out, it could last for 20 years. 

The Daily Colonist, July 30, 1914

The news out of Victoria 100 years ago today:
- Talks between Russia and Germany are at an impasse
- Russia is massing troops on the Austrian border to aid Serbia
- Germany is preparing to back up Austria
- Austria is shelling Belgrade
- Serbians are blowing up their own bridges to slow down the Austrians
- Fighting in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 continues [and will continue for another three years]

The Daily Colonist, July 29, 1914

Today's news from 100 years ago out of Victoria:
- Austria has officially declared war on Serbia
- Austrian citizens in the prairie provinces are asked to contact the Austrian consulate Winnipeg to find out if they have been drafted
- Russia announces that they won't go to war if Germany doesn't
- A 10-year-old boy in Bella Coola is mauled by a cougar


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