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[Gothic BC] "Vancouver's Gothic Vibe" in The Province today

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Vancouver?s gothic vibe: The city is perfect for dark, haunting movies and TV series

For a few hours next Sunday, Vancouver will be home to the world?s blackest beach.

At least 300 local goths will lollygag at Stanley Park?s Third Beach to swim, eat and perhaps listen to mournful goth tunes... 

On July 28, the city will play host to a slightly more austere gothic gathering of about 150 academics from across the globe for the International Gothic Association?s 2015 conference. These gothic geeks will huddle in the city for five days to discuss blood, death and undeath in books, movies and music.

It?s no coincidence the beach and academic get-togethers are taking place in Vancouver. Experts say Metro Vancouver has become one of the world?s great gothic factories...

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