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The Daily Colonist, October 11, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

  • Antwerp has fallen to the Germans. Front page has pictures the cathedral and Steen Castle [both of which I have been to], also a German Howitzer and a Zeppelin. 
  • London instituting blackout order and taking other preparations in case of a Zeppelin attack (perhaps the people being derided in the paper from the 8th for taking out insurance against Zeppelin attacks weren't so silly after all.)
  • C.P.R. executive predicts a very busy tourist season in Canada in 1915.
  • Imperial Order Daughters of Empire to provide Thanksgiving dinner for troops in Victoria
  • Pantages Theatre to show a theatrical recreation of the wreck of the Titanic.
  • Half-page map showing the locations of all fighting in the war thus far.
  • The usual summary of the week's events in the children's section of the Sunday magazine [Two portions of which really stand out: a paragraph on the use of aeroplanes and airships which "have been used to fire bombs into cities, but such use is unlawful, even in war time. Women, children and old men are protected by all who are not savages."; and one on the Marshall Islands with the nugget, "Then man came to live on the fruits of tropical trees. How long these brown men, whom we call savages, lived there only very wise men know. It has not been long since white men came with bright colored cloth and beads and strong drink and other things..."] Also included after the summary of the weeks events is a "story of the beginning of the war [for] British children everywhere."
  • My usual collection of ads that caught my eye.