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[Gothic BC] Bad Vibes Radio Set List from May 25

Last week I was on Bad Vibes on CFRO. This is the set-list from that show. My bit starts with The Vampire Club by Voltaire, and you can listen to it here. From that point on Marc Godfrey and I were picking from a list of music that I brought with me depending on how the conversation went. I came armed with almost three hours of music for a one hour interview, with everything picked for a reason. What I want to do for the next little while is run through those choices, including the ones that we didn't get to, and talk about why I picked them. 

(Not So) <lj user="frozen_amaranth"> in 3D

Model: Amaranth

Location: Sheppards Dell Falls, Columbia Gorge, OR

&copy 2007 Michael R. Barrick ("Atratus")

Sheppards Dell Falls 3D (First of Three)

The GIF version of the first of thee animations I will be doing from the stereoscopic pictures I made at this shoot. I tried something different (and expensive) with these and it turned out to be a disappointment.

More C13 Photos

Nineteen more pictures from the Convergence 13 Mad Hatter's Tea Party, shot on film with my antique 35mm SLR. Autofocus? Built in light-meter? Who needs 'em!

I did use a light-meter, though: my even more antique Soviet «Ленинград-4» (Leningrad-4) :-)

Convergence Vote

The Convergence proposal period is now over. Voting keys should be going out now. My recommendation if you are a voter:

First Choice: Seattle

Second Choice: Portland

Oringinal post:


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