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British Columbia

The Daily Colonist, July 31, 1914

News from Victoria on this day in 1914 (exactly 53 years before I was born):
- Austria has taken Belgrade
- Large pictures of Emperor William II and Emperor Nicholas II (it's interesting the German king does not get called "Kaiser Wilhelm" until after the war starts) that really should have the headline "Inbred Cousins to Decide if Millions Die."
- Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Minister, is overheard in private conversation outside Parliament saying that if war breaks out, it could last for 20 years. 

The Daily Colonist, July 30, 1914

The news out of Victoria 100 years ago today:
- Talks between Russia and Germany are at an impasse
- Russia is massing troops on the Austrian border to aid Serbia
- Germany is preparing to back up Austria
- Austria is shelling Belgrade
- Serbians are blowing up their own bridges to slow down the Austrians
- Fighting in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 continues [and will continue for another three years]

A Subtle Beginning... July 1, 1914


Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and His Wife Followed by Outbreaks in Many Places


Emperor William to Be Only Sovereign in Attendance at Funeral — General Mourning Throughout Country.

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