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Today's Deviations

Red Pants

Model: Nikki RoseSet: Isaac TerpstraI regularly work with some local nightclub promoters, shooting the attendees in sets set up in the nightclub and selling prints on the spot. It's a grey area som...


Today's Deviations

PVC Bride

One of from a series done last year for Art of Adornment.Model: Pandora


You can find me as atratus on deviantART.

15 Minutes of Fame

I have been inspired by my 15 minutes of fame...

Pop Art Congratulations card

Club #3 - Finished

I finished the painting tonight. There is some glare on Anna's hair (second from the left) in the last frame. I'll take a better picture of it tomorrow. For now, enjoy the time-lapse.

Oringinal post:

Painting Progress

The new painting is coming along nicely. Even though I work in acrylic, I tried something more traditional oil-like approach with the skin tones - building them up in thin, semi-transparent layers. Acrylic has this stigma of being somehow a lesser medium than oil. It's a strange prejudice, considering acrylic doesn't yellow or crack with age like oil. I suspect that is really has to do with two things: 1.) that it has only been around since the 1950's and the post-war anti-mimetic and ultimately anti-painting course of late Modernism and Post-Modernism means there are very few well-known painters who work in acrylic (photorealist Chuck Close would be an exception), and 2.) because it cleans up with water it is an easy medium to get started with so there are a lot of bad acrylic paintings out there.

At this point I'd estimate that I've got about ten to twelve hours of actual painting in on this. It's ironic that my photography, which was meant to just provide source material for paintings, now occupies so much of my time that I don't actually find a lot of time to paint. Being sick didn't help either. Each key frame in the animation represents about an hour and a half worth of work.

Another Gothified Mucha

Another "Gothified" Mucha for Gothic BC. This one was considerably more work than the first one since the source image was a very small, very heavily compressed JPEG. The original I started with was a little smaller than this and the finished product is four times larger than this. In order to deal with the nasty compression artifacts the entire image was essentially redrawn / repainted.

I'll be putting this on some Zazzle gear tomorrow evening and maybe offering up a version without the logo for prints.


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