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Michael R. Barrick's blog

Off to bed

Off to bed I go since I have to spend tomorrow on Eastern Time. Somebody who happens to live in that time zone better e-mail me in the morning to keep me sane while I sit in an empty office building waiting for complaints from pissy stockbrokers. It's must be close to 30° in here and I can't see myself getting a whole lot of decent sleep. I will need assistance staying awake, and since the firewall won't let me read LiveJournal I demand e-mail!

Another day...

Happy Things

Stupid World

I just filled out my income statement for the student loan Nazis and printed off a bunch of cheques for the evil bastards. The dates are all highlighted and also written on the backs of the cheques where they are also highlighted.

Er, um...

I made a small mistake on my finances. I still owe the lawyer money. While I'm not so broke as I was before this puts a damper on surfing next week with Opie and, thanks to the machinations of other lawyers, I will not be getting my inheritance from my Uncle Floran until the end of September.

As my mother so elequently put it in her e-mail to me explaining why the inheritance would be delayed: "All lawyers are shysters."

What happens when tree-hugging nazis run the world

So, as suspected, the Wonder Wagon failed Air Care. I noticed that the schmoe that was doing the test was running the car right at the top edge of the green zone and I failed just by a hair. If he had run the car in the middle of the green zone I would have passed. Oh, well. I only wanted three months insurance anyway. Now I have to decide if I put money into the wagon or look for new car.

Air Care

Has this happened to you?

Ever been really pissed off because of something you dreamt?

Oringinal post:

Suddenly nothing happened

All of a sudden I am feeling very, very sleepy. I was going to bug Trish and Michelle to let me tag along with them tonight, but now that I am home I think I may just go to sleep on the couch.

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