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Special Deal at Shannon Mews, Half the Space for Twice the Money!

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Going by controversial Shannon Mews (the complex at 57th Ave where they moved the previously convenient Marpole post office to, see ) this morning on the way to work I noticed they had at least half a dozen "Now Renting" signs spaced along the Granville side of the development. The building has been finished for about a year and they are clearly having trouble renting. It may have something to do with the "market rents" being such that I could get an apartment half the size of what I have now for twice the money in a neighbourhood that, while it has a post office tucked in the back of an understocked drugstore, has no grocery store nearby. What is with landlords that change stupidly high rents (based on what it costs to pay for a mortgage in this city) such that apartments and businesses sit empty for years? Surely some rent is better than no rent? If no one is renting at the "market price" clearly the market cannot bear the price being charged. 

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