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The Daily Colonist, November 28, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

  • German prisoners of war held on the Isle of Man riot, serveral are shot. Coroner's jury finds that shooting was justified. 
  • An article with a headline about was loans talks about the cost of the war, the wealth of British citizens but then goes on to talk about several other political developments, including that Liberal and Labour M.P.'s have criticised the government for shutting down the House of Commons during wartime and the the House of Lords will be reconvening early, at the request of Lord Curzon (who is Viceroy of India), and that a deal was made to withdraw an amendment giving British civilians the right to have charges under the Defence of the the Realm Act heard in civilian court rather than court-martial in exchange for the assurance that the death penalty would not be used against civilians.
  • Rudyard Kipling praises Canadian troops.
  • Austrian leaders fear dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after the war. Article makes a pretty good prediction of how the empire will be divided.
  • Cowichan Indian women donate knitted wool socks, praised by Imperial Order of Daughters of Empire. 
  • Article in the "Women's Realm" section on the Christian morality of spying [that is fairly bizarre and extremely condescending from a 21st century perspective, and includes this nugget: "There is, perhaps, especially among women, much confusion of thought on matters of right and wrong."]
  • And in a tidy little 1-2 punch of propaganda, there is an article on the next page about a German spy disguised as a priest.

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