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The Daily Colonist, November 22, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

  • I've decided to start with the weekly Children's section summary, which is always excellent an often includes news I haven't touched on previously such as:
    • Princess Patricia Regiment will be the first Canadians on the front
    • The Prince of Wales has going into combat [This is the future King Edward VIII who will abdicate after less than a year on the throne to marry Wallis Simpson]
    • Recounting of a major naval battle off the coast of Chile between four British ships vs. four German ships, where two British ships were sunk
    • A list of the ages of the old men running the war
  • Map of Turkish (Ottoman Empire) territory in the Middle East [which includes the present day countries of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar, and Bahrain, with claims for Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates--the exact borders are really not well defined and the amount of influence and control the Ottoman government really has varies. Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait and Oman already have British administrations. It's really rather complicated. Cyprus for example is still disputed.]
  • Smallpox outbreak in Havana
  • Germany and Turkey trying to raise a revolt in Egypt against the British administration.
  • Danish and Swedish reservists in Canada receive letters ordering them to report for duty. 
  • Several men are arrested in a socialist plot to overthrow the Russian imperial government.
  • Two articles with bizarre headlines that point to rather odd sense of adventure in whoever wrote them:
    • "Thrilling Experience of Wounded Sergeant. Bleeding, He Lay for Sixteen Hours on the Battlefield in the Midst of Terrible Struggle of Armies," and
    • "Exciting Experience of British Private. Badly Wounded, He Lies Hidden on a Hay Stack While Many Germans Rush by Without Seeing Him."
  • The full-page weekend military-technology feature this week is aeroplanes. The full page can be seen here , but I have included one section recounting an aerial combat.
  • Another "Made in Canada" ad with good advice our government has long forgotten, and a couple other ads that caught my eye.

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