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The Daily Colonist, November 15, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

  • [Any former students of Lord Roberts Elementary in Vancouver will find this interesting] Lord Frederick Roberts dies of pneumonia while inspecting Indian troops in France. Story goes on to list his many military achievements, and many honours, including the titles of Earl of Kandahar and Earl of Pretoria [and I have to wonder if those were hereditary titles and if the there is still a titular British Earl of Kandahar out there somewhere. British Imperial conquests in Afghanistan, of which he was an integral part, are the foundations of mess that continues there today.]
  • The notion of bringing the Crown Colony of Newfoundland into Canadian confederation is bandied about again. 
  • City of Toronto summarily fires all German, Austrian and Turk employees.
  • "Fight Goes On in Wild Gale" - This article includes an absolutely poetic description of the ruins of Dixmude and equally well written description of the cold misery of the trenches. 
  • [Better than fiction] "Diver Fought With Octopus Under Water" - Diver [now remember this is decades before scuba gear is invented, so this guy is in a metal suit with a big brass helmet and a hose running to a pump on the surface] working on the new breakwater is attacked by an octopus, "Freed Himself by Cutting Through Huge Tentacles" with a knife. [This isn't some steampunk fantasy. This is real guy in a diving suit using a knife to fight an octopus underwater in 1914.]
  • Map of Russian Front.
  • Indian officials offer a reward for the arrest of Gurdit Singh, "leader of the Komagata Maru East Indians".
  • The Sunday full page war technology feature this week is on naval mines.
  • The usual excellent summary of the week in the children's section, including one summary that lets slip the reason for closing Broughton Strait that was reported earlier this week, where it was stated that Ottawa had not disclosed the reason for closing the strait. Apparently it is to defend against the strait being mined by Germans. 
  • An ad the equates that not buying Canadian is equivalent to stealing hard-earned wages from a working man. "...that article you pick out means somebody's job. If it's an imported article, well, that's a job for a fellow in some other country, but if it is 'Made in Canada', it's a job for one of your fellow Canadian citizens..."
  • Book now for Christmas sailings to England on Grand Trunk Railway steamers.
  • Weiler's still has your Christmas gift problems sorted with tea wagon the cost two months rent. Strikingly bizarre illustration on this ad, too.