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The Daily Colonist, October 15, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Lead news is about how well protected French ports such as Calais are, but it comes off as hollow propaganda after the fall of Antwerp, one of the best fortified cities in Western Europe and...

  • Ghent [midway between Ostend on the coast and Antwerp] already occupied by Germans
  • "Days of Fear in Gay Ostend" - Ostend, "the gay Atlantic City of Belgium" is overrun with refugees seeking escape across the Channel and wounded soldiers, many in rags. German reconnaissance spotted overhead. "Virtually No Obstacle in Way of Modern Huns Reaching City"
  •  Meanwhile, first Newfoundland regiment of 500 men and 26 officers leave St. Johns on the S.S. Florizel.
  • British Columbia's gift of canned salmon leaves Vancouver, filling 23 rail cars.
  • Saskatchewan's gift of knives to a gun fight, i.e. 1,147 horses to be chewed up by machine guns, have been purchased. [Note that early in the war one anti-horse tactic was to drop "jacks" with 15 cm spikes from aeroplanes onto muddy roads to pierce the hooves of horses. They'd be of more use ground up and canned like the B.C. salmon.]
  • Editorial and article slamming the Australian government for putting an order for 25 million board-feet of lumber for the capitol buildings in Canberra to tender in San Francisco rather than British Columbia. The editorial, dripping with sardonic wit states, "British Columbia is a fairly well known producer of timber; and even the people of so remote a country as Australia must have some knowledge of this fact."
  • Budweiser runs another utterly bizarre and flailing attempt to market American piss-water to Canadians.
  • Other ads that caught my eye.

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