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The Daily Colonist, September 27, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Quite a big update today, lots of interesting things:

  • Fighting in far-away and exotic Africa: border skirmishes between British South Africa and German Southwest Africa [now Namibia] and a French naval attack on German Kamarun [Cameroon].
  • German troops and Austrian artillery being brought to Antwerp, an attack is anticipated [reminder: my maternal grandparents live in area of Antwerp at this time]
  • Japanese advances in German territories in China. Chinese government is concerned about Japanese treatment of Chinese villagers. Japan denies wrong-doing. 
  • French test "deadly Turpinite" [a paralytic nerve gas] that produces "instantaneous and painless death" and that Germans it has been used against died so suddenly that they "maintained a standing posture and retained their rifles in their hands." [The composition of Turpinite has been lost to history.]
  • Man arrested in Victoria for "supplying liquor to an Indian". [Discriminatory liquor laws existed in Canada until, believe it or not, 1985.]
  • Nanaimo assize [traveling court] to hear cases of a shooting and the bombing a house in Ladysmith with dynamite.
  • World traveling British brothers recount a rousing tales of patriotism in "the Antipodes" [Australia and New Zealand. Article reproduced in full in the images]
  • Duchess of Devonshire  featured in Women's section [reproduced in 3 parts. The scenario may ring a bell with Downton Abbey fans (season 2)]
  • Weekend pull-out magazine article on "Cellar Gardening" 
  • Selections from the weekend magazine children's section summary of the week's events [five parts].
  • Ad for motion picture "Spartacus" [see most of it here: 


  • Fantastic ad by religious nutters offering a lecture at the Pantages on how the pyramids provide proof of God in a way that confounds "atheistical scientists and evolutionists" [it's stunning and disheartening that this brand of nuttery is still so prevalent.]
  • More ads that caught my eye including some snake-oil, full and half-page fundraising ads, and others.

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