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The Daily Colonist, September 2, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today. As much as yesterday was a slow news day, today was a busy one. My selections are not a comprehensive account of what was interesting in today's paper. 

  • Report from "blank" [i.e. censored] talks extensively of battles and troop movements without naming any precise locations. [This is probably indicative of a relaxing of what can be printed despite war-time censorship.]
  • Russians advancing into Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia [Galicia is where my paternal ancestors are from, who left because of forced relocation, see my old post from 2010 entitled "Remembrance of the Short End of the Stick"¹ for more about this.]
  • Belgian Commission returns from trip to the United States where they were informing American officials about German atrocities to try and bring the United States into the war [of course that won't happen until it is almost over... after which point the Americans will spend the next hundred years claiming to have done all the heavy lifting and to have won the war single-handedly.]
  • Front page news of German atrocities including boys with "both their hands cut off so that it was impossible fir them to carry a gun." [This is a change from the stories of atrocities being tossed in here and there as filler and may be part of a larger attempt to drum up volunteers and American support.]
  • Two men from Nanaimo plead guilty to having blown up a house with dynamite and crippling the occupant during a miners' strike in August of 1913.
  • Russian nationals living in Vancouver leave for Vladivostok on the Canada Maru to join Russian army.
  • Full-page map of Belgium
  • On a lighter note: a beautiful ad for Bon-Ton Corsets as part of a full-page ad for the new fall fashions available at David Spencer Ltd. [i.e. Spencer's department store.]


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