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Anacortes, WA 1976

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There were four rolls of film in my dad's old box of pictures that had never been developed. I took three of them in to London Drugs (the fourth will have to go to specialist photo lab since it's not standard C-41 process film). One came out completely blank. Two had pictures on them. This is the second one I scanned.

The images are from a swim-meet at at Fidalgo Pool, Anacortes, Washington. Spring (May or June) 1976. This film sat undeveloped for 37½ years. It's pretty amazing that it came out all!


Wow, this brings back memories! Those meets were long but fun. :)

Can't see anyone I recognize...but it brings back the day! Maybe those were other teams? It must have been a big meet if the lanes were going meterwise instead of yardwise. And maybe I wasn't there yet. I know I was charter Thunderbirds but? What a great find.

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Everyone in the pictures would pretty much be from Duncan on Vancouver Island since that's were I am from. The lanes were most likely configured for metres instead of yards because this would have been an international meet with standardised race lengths. Even though Canada had only *just* officially switched to metric in 1976, metres had always been the standard for international competition.

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