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Watching and Trying Not to Get Too Distracted from Work

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I'm still a little distracted by the meme I sparked and the fact that it's earned me my Been Boinged Nerd Merit Badge—which I don't actually plan to buy, but if someone wants to send me the $5 for it, maybe I will for a laugh, or maybe I'll just keep the money to help cover the price gouging, raised taxes, disappearing arts funding, and all the other "benefits" we Vancouverites are getting from the games that are kicking me in the back pocket ;-)

There seems to be a Tweet about this coming up every minute or two. The day before this started I was amused by the 27,000 hits I got in January. Yesterday alone I got 120,000 (with about one third coming from Poland) and today is looking like it will top that by at least double.

Distractions aside, I'm trying to catch up on the backlog of photographs for my iStock, Zazzle, and deviantART accounts. Today I'll be finally getting around to this shoot with Pandora last April for Art of Adornment:

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