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Vain whiners

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And now it is done. I ended up being a few minutes late for the headhunter interview because of the damn buses and traffic. Does everyone in Vancouver lose their brain when the sun comes out or what? Anyway, it went well. Hopefully these guys will be able to land something for me before I starve to death or end up living out of the wonder wagon.

In other news some freaking whiner complained to the whole Van-Goth list about a picture Evilyn took and I posted on the Gothic BC web site. Come on, you are in a public place and you end up in a picture that ends up on a not-for-profit pet-project web site, sorry, you don't need a freaking model release for that. Or maybe it is just that photographs steal your soul...

And then to complain to 218 people who have nothing to do with it. Agggh. Bloody whiners. It wasn't even an unflattering picture. Actually it was quite good. All vanity, no sense of humour.

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