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Lots to do

This is going to be one busy weekend. I think I really could use this (today's comic). I spent yesterday afternoon lollygagging about downtown, it's going to be the last time I get to do that on a weekday afternoon for quite a while.

"Born with a horseshoe up my ass"

There is only one way to put this with the correct emphasis:

Holy Fuck! Fucking good fucking day, for fuck's sake! I mean, shit, fucking-A!

OK, as of yesterday I'm fielding phone calls from the Canada student loan people for the payment I missed this month and wondering how to keep my ass out of jail because I there was no way I could pay my taxes. I was questioning if I was maybe barking up the wrong tree romantically and there was still the seemingly inescapable detail of still being married to a lesbian.

Damn! This is funny.

Well, I got off on one of my little information collection tangents, looking up some information on the area my father's family comes from. He told me long ago that the area, which is now part of the Ukraine was controlled by the Austro-Hungarian empire at the point his four grandparents emigrated. Looking up the overlap that places the village in the eastern part of Galicia. Why is that funny? Because this area was the western extent of the Goths at the point where the tribe/kingdom split in the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths. That puts me on the Visigoth side.


Comment on this. Don't ask why, just do it. Any old nonsense will do, just make a comment.

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The irony!

I spelled "etymology" wrong in my interest list.

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