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Funny thing about this regular work day stuff: it seems I have a lot less to say. After all who wants to hear about the code I wrote today.

Oringinal post:


It works. Now I can happily update my journal throughout the day and then quickly and easily upload my entries at the end of the day from home so there aren't any incriminating entries in the proxy reports. I've got all the features: picture selection, mood selection, even public/friends/private security. Hehe! Such a geek!

Oringinal post:

Second test, problem with moods...

Oringinal post:

This is the first test of my new offline Notes-based client.




Oringinal post:

Damn student loan people.

They keep phoning me every bloody day - all because they fouled up my instructions and then proceeded to foul up again on the replacement cheque I sent them. It's enough to make a person want to leave the country. Not that I can think of another country I'd want to live in. Maybe I should vote for the BC Separatists - then I can leave the country without moving. That would be convenient.


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