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[Gothic BC] Skinny Puppy Music Used as Torture in Guantanamo

[Gothic BC] Site updates for January 5, 2014

Here's what's new since the last site update:

[Gothic BC] We'll Still Be Here

An article in the Vancouver Sun today reveals that a study funded by the European Union has found that Facebook is "not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried".

[Gothic BC] Site updates

New features and fixes as of Christmas Eve:

  • Removed some over-zealous spam protection on the user profile form that was inadvertently blocking new accounts as soon as they were created.
  • More...

[Gothic BC] This week's crop of new features

  • Added a spiffy sidebar to the All Content page showing summaries of the most recent posts from the RSS feeds we aggregate,
  • Changed the sorting on the homepage so the upcoming events that display in the main feed are sorted soonest to later,
  • Sorted out the breadcrumbs for blogs, and
  • Made some cosmetic tweaks to the way top-ranked images appear on the homepage.

[Gothic BC] Decemberwe'en

It's December now and the Santa Claus parade has just marched by this ancient brickpile we call home. Valerian has suggested the idea of a Gothic BC float next year playing this:

[Gothic BC] Upcoming Events on the Home Page

I'm not sure if I will keep this or not, but for now I'm trying out having events upcoming in the next couple of days float to the top of the list on the home page. This is a little redundant to the "Upcoming Events" block at the bottom of every page, but not entirely. Any opinions?

[ Reposted from my blog on Gothic BC #GothicBC ]

[Gothic BC] New Features for the Photo Gallery

  • There are share buttons available in both the full-screen / phone view and the image rate/tag/comment pages. 
  • Rating buttons are prettier and easier to use on a phone
  • On the photo gallery thumbnail pages a shift-click will take you directly to the rate/tag/comment page, bypassing the full screen view.
  • The rate/comment/tag link in the full-screen view opens in a new tab so you don't lose your place in the gallery when you want to comment on, rate or tag a picture.

[Gothic BC] Latest Fixes and Updates for November 13

  • At the bottom of every page there are now three boxes showing pending friend requests, upcoming events in the calendar and recent comments throughout the site.
  • A default user picture has been configured for users that don't have one set up.
  • The wysiwyg editors work show the colours and fonts the post will actually be in (white sans-serif on black) rather than the default white backgrounds and serif font. 
  • Filters have been put in place to make the really old forum posts from before 2008 readable without the obsolete markup code showing. 


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