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140412 Sin City, 2014
10 images
digital photograph, photograph.

140308 Sin City, 2014
4 images
digital photograph, photograph.

[Gothic BC] Power Failure

So the power went out on Sunday evening thanks to a telephone pole rotting (It's worth noting that Vancouver is, as far as I know, the only major city that still uses above-ground wiring on wooden posts downtown). So what are a couple of crusty old goths to do?

140227 Sin City, 2014
13 images
photograph, digital photograph.

140111 Sin City, 2014
14 images
digital photograph, photograph.

131231 Sin City, 2013
7 images
digital photograph, photograph.

[Gothic BC] New Site Update for July 24, 2014

New site updates since the June 28, 2014 update

This is both a major and a minor update. Minor in the sense that there haven't been any changes to end-user functionality, but major in the sense that a lot of work went into the back-end this month.

[Gothic BC] Ophelia Overdose

Check out this cool composite Ophelia Overdose made from some of the photos I took for Gothic BC of her on stage at the Sin City 13-year Anniversary.

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