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The walk home.

This is for Lorra because she liked the walk to work.

Stalkers Take Note: my commute

My commute is the best part of my working day. This almost makes up for sitting a cubicle for 40 hours a week:

Nice walk

My walk to work was particularly pleasant this morning. There was a wonderful smelling briny breeze blowing across the Granville bridge. If I hadn't left a bit late this morning I would have hung around at the apex of the bridge just to breathe it in for a while. Then, as I reverse negotiated a shortcut I reconnoitered yesterday's walk home I discovered an absolutely stunning vista.

Damn student loan people.

They keep phoning me every bloody day - all because they fouled up my instructions and then proceeded to foul up again on the replacement cheque I sent them. It's enough to make a person want to leave the country. Not that I can think of another country I'd want to live in. Maybe I should vote for the BC Separatists - then I can leave the country without moving. That would be convenient.

Ich bin ein Zellefallhammer.

(I am a cubicle monkey.)

OK, so I made an entry at work and forgot to bring the disk home. We had a meeting at the end of the day and it ran over so I bailed out as quickly as possible, especially since the transit strike escalation made a mess of downtown traffic. I had to drive this morning. I had planned to walk but forgot to set my alarm last night so drove at the last minute.

Things just don't change

Don't even ask why or how I happen to have a political cartoon from March 14, 1978 kicking around, but here is definitive proof that things just don't change.

And here is today's regularly scheduled cartoon.

Oringinal post:


Let's hear it for employable skills! I've had two solid bites in my search for a "real" job today. The first came from Toronto - an absolutely perfect sounding job description and a decent wage. That got me excited. No Houston, staying in Canada and in a city where I know people. But then the ultimate kick ass call came in. It was from the head of Lotus Notes development at the Loewen Group. So what is so great about that you ask? Let me elucidate:

Vain whiners

And now it is done. I ended up being a few minutes late for the headhunter interview because of the damn buses and traffic. Does everyone in Vancouver lose their brain when the sun comes out or what? Anyway, it went well. Hopefully these guys will be able to land something for me before I starve to death or end up living out of the wonder wagon.

OK, now for a real entry...

I'm so bloody bored with my life. Tomorrow at 2pm I have an interview with some IT headhunters in a effort to find a gig that will let me stay in town. At the moment I am really wishing I hadn't wound up in a career in computers, and doubly regretting that I have painted myself into a corner with my specialty. I've got three career choices right now:

1.) Take something not-so-perfect here in Vancouver and hopefully end up more employable as a result,


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