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Vancouver Island

[Gothic BC] 49, going on dead: episode 18

In this episode: A short ride on Christmas Eve, voiced on Ukrainian Christmas day wherein I ramble about my new camera, the closing of the local garden shop as a result of the housing crisis in Vancouver and point out the worst of the criminals fuelling it, attempt to use a drive-through bank machine, discover a newly finished bike path to explore later, dodge dogs, do some more exploring, and talk about the very dark place I got to this past December (recovery is not linear.)

The Daily Colonist, November 12, 1914

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Not much substantial about the war that I can see today. Not much news at all, really.

• Praise for the Australian navy from New Zealand and Canada
• Broughton Strait (the straight between Malcolm Island, where Sointula is, and Port McNeill, and where Cormorant Island, home to Alert Bay, is) is closed. Any ships in the strait risk being fired upon. No reason is given.
• Oh, hey, Luxembourg! Forgot about them. Still officially neutral, but occupied by Germany and completely surrounded by Germany and German occupied Belgium and German occupied France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is paid indemnity for the damage done by the passage of German troops through the country, but the citizenry is showing signs of deeply resenting the occupation.
• The Mexican civil war has flared up again.
• But it's all O.K., because Weller's Home Outfitters has your Christmas gift problem sorted...

The Daily Colonist, October 4, 1914

News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

• Germans advancing on Antwerp, two of the outer forts have fallen.
• Survey of the conditions of colonies on the west coast and northern areas of Vancouver Island.
• The Sunday magazine, as usual, has a wonderful summary of the weeks events
• Full page travel article on Mount Robson in the magazine section, recently made accessible by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
• The usual collection of ads and advertising illustrations that caught my eye.

The Daily Colonist, August 4, 1914

News out of Victoria 100 years ago:
- No declaration of war yet as of the morning edition. A second extra edition is put out with the huge headline "BRITAIN AND GERMANY AT WAR"
- The day prior to the declaration, in my home town of Duncan, a meeting to form a militia overflows the Odd Fellows Hall and is moved to the Tzouhalem Hotel. I wonder how many of the men that signed up on that night made it back and how many have their names on the monument beside the train station, across Canada Street from where the Tzou used to be... 

Amazing Ads from 100 Years Ago

Made it Canada! Canadian Kodak Co.!   A camera so easy a child can use it...

A selection of advertisements from the June 28, 1914 edition of The Daily Colonist, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

100 Years Ago Today

There are undoubtedly a near endless supply of stories out there today about the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the event the sparked the First World War. But what was going on here in the colonies? News took a while to get way out here. What follows is the lead story from the June 28, 1914 edition of The Daily Colonist published in Victoria, British Columbia:

Not What I Was Looking For

I was just digging through my box of old photographs, looking for something in particular, and much to my surprise, I found Waldo!


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