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Just waiting for a process to finish in the background. I often wonder how much of my life has been spent waiting for blue lines to crawl across my computer screen. But what the hell, I'm getting paid for it. The idea of getting paid on a regular basis started to sink in last night at the club. Not only do I have my rent and bills sorted out for this month, but I have the next six month, (and longer if I take the full-time job) lined up. I've been mentally shopping since the idea started to gel.

Vain whiners

And now it is done. I ended up being a few minutes late for the headhunter interview because of the damn buses and traffic. Does everyone in Vancouver lose their brain when the sun comes out or what? Anyway, it went well. Hopefully these guys will be able to land something for me before I starve to death or end up living out of the wonder wagon.


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