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Gothic BC

[Gothic BC] Upcoming Province Article

This morning I had a little photoshoot, where I was the subject not the photographer, over by Holy Rosary Cathedral on Richards Street. It is for an upcoming article in The Province related to the "Gothic Migrations" 12th Biennial Conference of the International Gothic Association. The International Gothic Association is out of Lancaster University and devoted the academic study of the Gothic founded in, but extending well beyond, the Gothic sub-genre of 19th C. Romantic literature.

[Gothic BC] People Get Irritable

With the humidex it's supposed to get up to 33 ⁰C today, that's 92 ⁰F…

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[Gothic BC] Facebook Login

You can now do a single-click login from Facebook on Gothic BC. If you have and existing account, you should log in normally first and make sure that the e-mail you have registered for Gothic BC is the same as the one you used to register for facebook.

[Gothic BC] What Does Gothic BC Mean to You?

I am curious, what does Gothic BC mean to you? Has this little project of mine had a positive effect on your life? Does it matter you? Tell me your story. 

You may have noticed I haven't been out and about as much for a while now. There have been a few personal things that have undermined my motivation and I'm looking to you all to help me get inspired again. Has my absence been felt? 


[Gothic BC] Big Site Update - Prints Now Available!

I'm very pleased to announce the long overdue return of being able to order prints of your pictures here on Gothic BC with prints starting at $1.65 for a 4" ? 6" print. 

[Gothic BC] A contest at Gothic BC

While I've done some fun promos before, like one for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet production of Dracula and the Vancouver movie premier of Sweeney Todd I think this might be Gothic BC's first concert-ticket giveaway, which makes it kind of exciting...

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[Gothic BC] Old Photos in the RSS Feed

Right now the Latest Photos RSS Feed is picking up older photos an in turn feeding these out to our Google+ and Facebook pages. While this is an unexpected glitch from something really great and long overdue that I started working on, I'm not going to be doing anything about it. I'm looking at it as a "happy accident" ? la Bob Ross... enjoy the retrospective!

[Gothic BC] Another Drawing

Scanned with the tools used: a ball-point pen and a crow-quill nib pen.

Source image:

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