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August 2016

Because if you are going to repurpose old Mac Minis as Linux boxes, you should do it right.
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[Gothic BC] 49, going on dead: episode 7

In this episode: It's back to Fraser River Park. I'm in an angry mood when I start out, but the ride makes me feel better. That doesn't last. I consider that there is probably a connection between the crows and the 4,000 year old garbage heap. Therapy is getting me down. And I notice and fix a stupid typo in the end credits that I have been cutting-and-pasting since the first episode. Embrace imperfection. Move forward. Call me "asshole" one more time...

And this is what my desk at work looks like today. My job at the gallery is not all photography, white gloves and stretched canvases.
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Installing Linux on 64-bit Mac that has the old 32-bit EFI firmware

If you have and older Mac that has a 64-bit processor but the 32-bit 1,1 or 2,1 EFI firmware (eg. a 2009 Mac Mini Core 2 Duo) and you want to install a recent 64-bit version of Linux on it, the 32-bit EFI firmware will leave you stuck at a prompt like this:




Select CD-ROM Boot Type :

with an unresponsive keyboard and no way to proceed.

[Gothic BC] 49, going on dead: episode 6

In this episode: I replicate my first ride to see if it has gotten any easier, except it is a weekday and Kent is busier and scarier. The f&^%ing basket falls off again. I try pointing the camera down river as I cross the bridge. And I try doing the voice-over right after the ride so my so I can remember what I was thinking better.

[Gothic BC] 49, going on dead: episode 5

In this episode: The video is more stable even if I am not. I explore the all-knowing trash heap. I watch a douchenozzle nearly get hit by a bus. I plan future trespasses. I babble about what I talked about in therapy. And I nearly get hit by a car. The fun never stops.

Is mah job... #dayjobphotography
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[Gothic BC] 49, going on dead: episode 4

In this episode: I am actually am 49 now, use two cameras, the basket falls off, getting back on the bike becomes a metaphor, I discover a museum, I probably over-share, and both figuratively and literally look at my life as, in, on and above a trash heap.

[Gothic BC] 49, going on dead: episode 3

In this episode I go for a 40-block walk in 30 ⁰C weather, buy a bike lock, avoid talking about what is really bothering me and babble about the significance of dead topiary hedges, Senate reform and other things that really don't have much to do with how I am feeling.

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